Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Looking back and taking account

Many people like to look back at this time of year. They review their finances to see how much they have in the bank and/or how much money they owe, check to see if they’ve made any progress in their careers or education and try to determine if they are generally better off than they were the previous year.

This is also a good time to review your spiritual health as compared to previous years. Do you feel closer to God? Is your prayer life stronger? Have you grown in your knowledge of the Bible?

A balanced life is marked by peace of mind, which means physical health, mental health, financial health, and spiritual health. A lack in any one of these areas affects the others. Sometimes, health in one or more of these areas is beyond our control but maximizing whatever health we do have will lead to peace of mind. Even people who suffer from chronic illness achieve peace of mind and wholeness within their limitations.

Putting spiritual health first will help maximize health in the other areas and spiritual health is mostly within our control. You may be struggling financially but can still find peace and perspective through prayer.

Bible study, prayer and communal worship are the keys to spiritual health. The church community exists to teach and encourage you and each of these areas.

As you look towards the coming year I pray that you will enjoy health in every area of your life and especially the peace of mind that comes with walking close to Jesus.

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