Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Four Easy Steps for Inviting People to Church

The Apostle Andrew was a quiet guy. We don’t read much about him in the Bible. The few times he is mentioned, it's because he is bringing someone to Jesus. Andrew brought a boy to Jesus who was willing to share his lunch (John 6:5-13). It was the boy who provided the bread and fish and it was Jesus who blessed and multiplied them but, if Andrew hadn't brought the boy to Jesus, there would be no miraculous feeding of the 5000.

Some Greeks who wanted to meet Jesus approached the Apostle Phillip (John 12:20-22). Unsure of what to do, Phillip consulted Andrew. Andrew knew to take them to Jesus.

The first person Andrew took to Jesus was his brother Simon Peter (John 1:40-42). Without Andrew there would not have been Peter's great sermon that led 3000 people to faith in Acts 2.

Like Andrew, you can impact the Kingdom of God by bringing people to Jesus. Numerous surveys agree that 3 out of 4 people came to church for the first time because someone invited them. On the other hand, fewer than half of regular church attendees have invited anyone to church in the past year. Another important fact is 40% of San Antonio claim no religious affiliation.

Four easy steps for inviting people to church.

1. IDENTIFY 4 people that you want to bring to church.
  • Choose people who are currently far from God. Perhaps they used to go attend church or have never been but, today, they are far from God.
  • Choose people with whom you have a relationship.
  • Choose people who are open to spiritual matters. People who have asked for your prayers or spoke with you about faith.

2. INTERCEDE – pray for them 4 times a week.
  • Pray that the God will open the eyes of their hearts.
  • Pray that they will recognize their need for forgiveness.
  • Pray that any spiritual confusion be removed.

3. INVEST in their lives.
  • Find ways to spend time with each person.
  • Have lunch or coffee, go shopping, or engage in a hobby together.
  • Find a way to be of service. Perhaps you can baby sit, mow their lawn or bring a meal.

4. INVITE them to 4 events at church.
  • Sunday worship is a good choice, especially at Easter, but other events may be better.
  • Children’s programs or adult recreation programs.
  • Opportunities to serve others.

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