Monday, September 15, 2014

A Church Council at Baptist Temple

A new structure intended to improve communication and planning was approved by Baptist Temple during the September church conference. A church council comprised of committee chairs, staff and other key leaders would meet once per month to plan and coordinate ministry, resolve conflicts and act on needs.

The council will absorb the duties of administrative committees that meet infrequently and make policy. These committees often have members in common. These include personnel, building use, budget, stewardship and finance, nominating, and constitution and rules. Ad hoc teams can be formed as needed to tackle specific administrative issues.

Some committees, with similar duties, will be combined. The missions and community ministry committee already combined a few years ago. Another new committee will be the preschool ministries committee. This committee combines the daycare and nursery committees and will oversee all preschool ministries including pre-K and kindergarten Sunday school.

A worship planning committee will be formed by combining the existing media/worship, music, and ordinance committees.

Some committees will serve as subcommittees. A subcommittee chair will serve on the parent committee but not on the church council. The flowers, greeters and enrollment/altar team will be subcommittees of the worship planning committee. The care and concern committee will be a subcommittee of the deacons. The transportation committee will be a subcommittee of Building and Landscape committee.

The membership of the council shall be as follows:
  • Staff
    • Jorge
    • Jonathan
    • Dan
    • Paulette
  • Treasurer
  • Church Clerk
  • Deacon chair
  • Committee Chairs
    • Missions
    • Building & Landscape
    • Children
    • Youth
    • Seniors
    • Adult SS
    • Preschool Ministries
    • Social Hospitality
    • Worship planning team

Existing committees that will not be part of the church council and will be unchanged are the trustees, SABA executive board, computer & technology, & library.

Representatives of groups that minister alongside us and share our campus will be welcome to participate as non-voting advisers.

This new structure will take effect in January 2015.

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