Sunday, June 03, 2018

Servant Spotlight: Miguel Garcia

Miguel Garcia is Baptist Temple's Student.Church summer missionary for 2018. This program of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, provides college students to serve CBF related churches around America.

Born in Wichita, Kansas and raised in Houston, Miguel began to study world religions at an early age. He went from ancient mythology to the major religions with a some side trips into folk religions and atheism. His conclusion was that there is no God and the church was a lie. The idea of God was only useful, perhaps, to comfort the dying.

During a theological debate with a Christian about the virtues of Polytheism vs. Monotheism, he began to wonder about the possible credibility of Christianity. The Holy Spirit had previously used a Christian novel to warm his heart and expand his mind so, Miguel sought out a religious professional (a pastor) to answer his questions.

He went to church dressed in his Sunday best and was pleasantly surprised at the relaxed dress of the other worshipers. It seemed inviting, The pastor answered his questions and invited Miguel to return that evening.

At the youth gathering that evening, he saw students he recognized from school. The lesson that evening was about a God-shaped hole inside us that only God could fill. It touched Miguel deeply and his heart was changed by Jesus that night.

After his high school graduation, Miguel started attending the Baptist University of the Americas. He had received an ad in the mail and was impressed by it's affordability, national recognition and the ability to pursue his life passion, music.

Miguel began his music journey at age 10, learning to play brass instruments, later adding piano, percussion and guitar. He has written 24 pieces of music and finished a symphony by age 17. He has applied his talents to church worship, including playing in worship bands and audio-visual support.

This is Miguel's third Student.Church experience. He will begin his senior year at BUA in the fall and desires to become a music educator. Miguel credits BUA with helping him to understand his strengths and limitations and mature as a follower of Jesus.

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Bill P. said...

What Christian novel was it that changed Miguel's perspective? For me, it was "A Case for Christ."