Thursday, August 14, 2014

Interacting with the Community

I spent the day yesterday at the Brunnemann Bldg. It houses our thrift shop and will soon be the headquarters of our Community Assistance Network.

We set up tables outside to display the physical manifestations of the support of our friends for our ministry. We usually sell clothes at bargain prices. Some are dropped off by church members, some by other churches, some by people in our community and a large amount by Carl and Gerald Willis who recover unsold items from estate sales throughout the county.

We often get non-clothes items that are difficult to store and must be moved fast. We held a sidewalk sale to find new homes for these treasures. The amount of money raised was not record-setting but it is multiplied by the fact that the San Antonio Food Bank provides food for us at 15 cents a pound (often less) to feed the hungry.

Another benefit was a good opportunity for me to soak in some sunshine and breath fresh air. A big plus was interacting with church volunteers and our community. I also had three conferences with people who are important supporters of our ministry. My apologies for my divided attention but I hope you saw the tremendous potential for changing lives that our network of ministries provides.

One woman took advantage of our 10 cent T-shirts. She bought 60. Although she was a food pantry client, she wanted to purchase these Ts to hand out to the laborers who worshiped at her church. They could not afford clean clothes.

A couple swept up a large number of items. They were priced to move and will move to an area where they will yield a profit. In this case we are fueling the economy.

A more savvy buyer picked numerous choice items. She would resell them at a boutique. Again, a boost to the local economy.

Several teachers picked up some treasures from our bounty of books. Many parents did as well.

One family moved here from Kentucky and were rebuilding the knick-knacks that make a house a home.

This was a day of victory:
  1. Many people found treasures for a bargain.
  2. We kept a large number of items out of our landfills
  3. Many people turned their trash into treasure
  4. All the profits will help the folks we serve break the bonds of physical and spiritual poverty.

Many thanks to everyone who contributed to the success:
  1. Those who gave items
  2. Those who gathered them.
  3. Those who set up yesterday.
  4. Those who enjoyed the heat and ministered to our neighbors.
  5. Those helped put stuff back.
  6. AND ESPECIALLY those who said LET'S DO THIS AGAIN : )

The bottom line is not the dollars raised ($285) but the number of people blessed (no way to count)

If this story has blessed you Let Me Know.

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