Saturday, August 30, 2014

Shamgar's Three Steps to Victory

Shamgar's story is brief – one verse – but that's all he needs to teach us that God's champions start where they are, use what they have and do what they can.

Shamgar started where he was.
He was a farmer, not a soldier. He wasn’t even armed properly. These were a difficult days for Israel. They were, once again, under the thumb of another nation. The streets were abandoned and village life ceased. (Judges 5:6)

These desperate circumstances motivated Shamgar to act even though his people had no weapons. (Judges 5:8) He didn’t wait for better circumstances or greater resources to act. He started where he was.

Shamgar used what he had.
An oxgoad is a farm tool. It was a stick with a metal point on one end to keep the oxen moving and a paddle on the other end to clean debris from the plow.

We don’t need a lot of things that we think we need in to be successful. You may be lacking money, education, health, skill or opportunity but you can start where you are and use what you have. Put God first in your life and all the rest will be added.

Instead of focusing on what he lacked, Shamgar used what he had.

Shamgar did what he could.
He was not a ruler. He did lead an army. He was a local hero and an extraordinary warrior. The 600 Philistines he killed with his oxgoad would not have freed Israel but it was a significant contribution.

The Kingdom of God is seen in countless small acts. Jesus taught us that even a cup of cold water given in His name is significant. (Mark 9:41)

Because Shamgar did what he could, "He too saved Israel."

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