Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Heartstrong for CHRIST!

We are experiencing some of the most exciting, challenging and promising times in Baptist Temple's history. We have been blessed with resources provided to us by the grace of Lord and the sacrifices of His people. We have been good stewards of these resources both in their upkeep and their use to further God's Kingdom.

Our facilities are well-built and among the finest in San Antonio. Furthermore, past and present remodeling have kept our church on the cutting edge of ministry. There are churches around us whose buildings are so far gone that it is too late to reverse the damage but not ours. The faithfulness of the ones who built these structures and the ones who, later, remodeled them left a legacy that made today's ministry possible.

Over the years we have continued to maintain and upgrade our campus through projects large and small but now we must make some major repairs and enhancements so we may continue to expand our ministries. These ministries include weekday education for 400 children from crib to 8th grade, providing groceries to over 300 families per month, four Sunday worship services leading to an average of 20 baptisms a year and more.

It is our turn to honor the sacrifice and prayers of those who came before us. The cost could run over $500,000 but God will provide as He always has. Our predecessors believed that God would be using these buildings to His glory far into the future and so so do I.

The time has come to prepare our campus for ministry into the next century. I am convinced that God will use Baptist Temple to share His love with our community well into the future as he has done in the past and continues to do so today. I urge you begin to pray now for God's blessing on our church.

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