Saturday, October 19, 2013

We want to be Heartstrong for CHRIST

Guest Blog by Clinton Shull

Janet and I haven’t been members of Baptist Temple for very long but we saw God working through His people in Baptist Temple. The members' involvement in ministry and outreach to the community are some of the things that God used to draw us to Baptist Temple.

We believe that God uses His people to support the local church, people like Janet and I, and people like you.

We want to be Heartstrong for CHRIST. As God continues to bless Janet and I; we make a commitment to give above our tithe to support what God started here at Baptist Temple. We do this in order that Baptist Temple can continue to minister to its members and to the community into the future or until Christ comes for His church.

Down through the ages God’s people have always had to make the decision for commitment to Him. God will raise up individuals to support His work, Janet and I want to be part of that group of individuals that God raises up to meet the challenges of the future. We have made the decision to get on board; to step out by faith.

We are excited to see God work in our lives and are grateful to be counted worthy to participate in this endeavor. Put God to the test and watch Him accomplish in you far above anything you can imagine.

God bless Baptist Temple, you and those in our community.

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