Thursday, February 19, 2015

Baptist Temple Recognizes Three Deacons Emeritus

Guest blog by Robert Newman 

In the last three years that I spent as deacon chairman of Baptist Temple Church, it has been my honor and privilege to serve with many wonderful men of God. Three of these men have been named Deacon Emeritus of Baptist Temple. This honor is bestowed on a deacon by the deacon body in recognition of long and distinguished service to our church.

Deacons already recognized as Deacon Emeritus include: Max Brunnemann, Jack Shelton, Melvin Williams, Leroy Klima, and Jerry Shelton. The deacon body of Baptist Temple Church is pleased to add three more names to this list: Weldon Frazelle, Carl Gerold, and James Walker.
Carl Gerold has been chairman of the Building and Landscape Action Team for many years. He is not the type to sit back and make plans, you will see him painting or repairing or doing anything that he feels needs to be done for the upkeep of our church. Many times, this is a thankless task, but he gets out there and does what he feels called to do.

Weldon Frazelle owned his own restaurant at one time, but still loved to volunteer his services as a cook to Baptist Temple when he was needed. In addition to cooking, Weldon loved to work outdoors. No matter how hot it was, you would see Weldon mowing the grass or working on the landscape of our church. None of this was done for recognition, it was done because Weldon felt that this was his call to service.

James Walker gave of his time in many areas. For many years he drove the van to pick up children who had no other way to come to church simply because he had a love for children. He was very talented, especially in woodworking, so it was not unusual for someone from VBS to call and ask him to make things for VBS. He made a beautiful wooden cross for the church, and an intricate calendar that is still in use by his Sunday School class. Jimmy also loved to sing in the choir. He was very faithful, and was up there singing whether he felt good or not.

Weldon and James were recognized posthumously.

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