Thursday, June 23, 2016

Uncertain times call for entrepreneurial leaders

Molly Marshall's list of entrepreneurial qualities:
  1. Welcome the nudge of the Spirit, who loves to subvert old patterns.
  2. Be receptive to the chaos that is inevitable when innovating.
  3. Learn to embrace calculated risk.
  4. Take responsibility if an experiment fails.
  5. Empower people to bring their best thinking and energy to a common goal.
  6. Search continuously for new opportunities.
  7. Steward resources wisely and trust there will be enough.
  8. Give back a sense of calm and stability in the vortex of change.
  9. Pay attention to personal resistance to change and the desire to repristinate the past.
  10. Remain hopeful in the midst of unknowing, and walk by faith.
  11. Carry a disposition of “why not?” rather than “why it won’t work.
  12. Cultivate a life of prayer, and become ever more deeply rooted in faith.
  13. Seek wise counsel. An isolated leader cannot impose vision; rather, vision arises out of thoughtful collaboration. Leadership entails being a “keeper” of the vision, however.
  14. Find or construct a supportive professional network that can offer forthright perspective.
  15. Focus on performance objectives that align with values and vision of the initiative
  16. Understand critical tasks unique to discrete positions and require accountability for their accomplishment
  17. Continue to practice discernment about strategic direction.

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