Monday, October 18, 2021

Heavy Worship

Rise Above Ministries hosted a concert on the Baptist Temple Campus Saturday (October 16) featuring the bands Filthy Rags and Becoming Sons. The concert was aimed at folks outside the mainstream.

Filthy Rags

Harry and Mel Becker from Fort Wayne, Indiana are Filthy Rags. They come to San Antonio from a tour of the Eastern U.S. with the Extreme Tour, a diverse community of creative people providing free concerts where diverse members of the community can come together. Mel, who was born and raised in a Baptist Family in Houston, has a heart for people on the fringes of society. Part of her testimony includes recovering from substance abuse by the grace and power of Jesus Christ.

Mel describes Filthy Rags sound as heavy worship. They reminded me of the Rez Band and similar 80's bands. Becoming Sons has a harder sound which they describe as metal-praise-core.

Becoming Sons

This evenings line up included the bands founder, Roger Stack, on drums, Roger Garza on vocals, Brian Derby on bass and Marcus Allen on guitar. The band is local to San Antonio and published a studio album, “Flesh to Death,” in 2018. A recently recorded single, “Illuminate” remained on Christian Music Weekly's Loud Chart at number one for sixteen straight weeks, and was also number one on the CMW Top Loud Sounds of 2020.

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