Sunday, November 11, 2018

Deacon Spotlight: Boyd White

Guest blog: Robert Newman 

Deacons Boyd and JoAnn White
Boyd was saved in 1946 at the age of 13, but drifted from the faith for a time. He joined the Air Force at 19 and met Jo Ann at the age of 20. She was already a Christian and better grounded in the faith. She helped him to mature.

Boyd had an opportunity to travel around the world with the Air Force. “Everywhere I went people had heard of Southern Baptists,” he said.

He attributes that to the missionaries that were sent out out by the Foreign Mission Board and supported by churches like Baptist Temple. When Boyd was stationed in Torrejon, Spain, he worked with a chaplain and his wife to help start a church.

Boyd White first came to Baptist Temple in March, 1969.
When one of our deacons, Jimmy Walker, and our pastor, Loren White, visited the Whites, Boyd liked both of them immediately. He and Jo Ann visited Baptist Temple the next Sunday and were impressed with the church, the people, and Baptist Temple's worship style.

From the time Boyd came to Baptist Temple, he has been involved in community ministry. When Forrest Smith asked him if he could drive a bus, Boyd said that he could drive almost anything with wheels. The next Sunday he was driving the bus and picking up people for church.

Now, after all of these years, what Boyd likes best about Baptist Temple is the many loving and caring people who are concerned about the other members and for the welfare of the church. 

Boyd, enjoys being a deacon as it ties service to the Lord together with giving direction, and support to him personally and to the church as a whole.

Boyd, JoAnn, and their son Robbie have been an integral part of the Ceramics Ministry which reaches both church members and non-members in the community.

Boyd has been a deacon for 44 years, and was made a Deacon Emeritus in 2016.