Saturday, August 29, 2009

Communion is more than the bread and the cup

The celebration of communion became a deep worship experience for me when I was deployed to Kuwait a few years ago. I could not go to church every Sunday and appreciated every worship opportunity that was provided.

I went to the “contemporary” service first but discovered that, when stripped of its entertainment value a good band and a dynamic preacher, this style of worship left me empty. I went to the liturgical service where the scriptures, litanies and hymns reminded me of the transcendence of God. For a brief period the war was forgotten and I had respite from the burdensome worries that beleaguered me.

The highlight for me was the celebration of communion. Scholars have argued for centuries over the theology of the Lord’s Supper but all agree that it is important. Most of us understand that there is something more than just the bread and wine present during this ritual instituted by our Lord.

This Sunday I will be preaching on some of the biblical teachings of this ceremony and will podcast the message on this blog.

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