Friday, February 26, 2010

Overcoming obstacles to help the poor

Michael Pimpo began a ministry in Far North Chicagoland to help people overcome poverty by providing for immediate physical needs, training and education to develop better habits, and Biblical counsel to address the spiritual issues that lead many to poverty. Michael had to overcome some obstacles of his own.

First there is always the struggle to find food, clothes, furniture, appliances and school supplies to distribute to his clients. Then there is the need to raise funds to pay rent and utilities. Generous donations from both Christian and non-Christian sources have kept the ministry flowing.

Most disheartening has been the opposition from some who profess Christ on Sunday but work against the Kingdom of God during the business week. Some have tried to shut the ministry down because it is perceived to be bad for nearby businesses. The power of the Holy Spirit has been greater than the power of gossip and backroom maneuvers.

PLAN, as the ministry is called is open for a few hours every day and serves nearly 3000 people a month. Michael works at PLAN every day, packing boxes of food, handing out clothes and praying with clients. When PLAN is closed he is out picking up food, raising money and recruiting volunteers. Sundays he preaches at the church he pastors, Life of Faith Christian Church.

Here is a recent Lake County Journal article about Mike and the PLAN ministry.

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