Saturday, August 28, 2010

Seniors are flocking to Facebook

A recent article in the San Jose Mercury News noted that people over 50 are responsible for the growing popularity of Facebook and other social network media. A Pew Research study found that 47% of Americans aged 50- 64 and 13% over 65 are using social networks.

This ought to be good news for churches. Facebook has many benefits for churches as a tool to create community and attract new people to your church.
      1. It is free.
      2. It can be updated anywhere from any computer.
      3. Multiple administrators can do the updating.
      4. It can be linked to your website and blog.
      5. You can easily post video and photos.

The Baptist Temple Facebook page has connected our friends and members from around the world including those in military service, missionaries, college students. People are reminded of upcoming events. Photos of those events can be posted even as they happen. Links to updates to our prayer list and blog and the latest newsletter are posted, as well.

The most important feature is that people can interact with the site. They can post comments, comment on others' comments, or simply indicate that they “like” the posting. This characteristic makes Facebook superior to static web pages where communication is one way.

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