Monday, August 25, 2014

God's Champions Overcome Their Weakness and Seize the Day

What some may view as a handicap can become a strength in God's hands. In fact, God’s ability to use us should raise our expectations.  
Ehud was unable to use his right hand. So, he could not be a soldier and would not be seen as a threat by the Moabite warlord Eglon. Eglon (who was the original Jabba the Hutt) had taken over Israel.

Although, he was disabled, Ehud creatively used what God had given him. He would be the one bringing the required payment of protection money to Eglon, so he made a dagger that would be concealed on his right thigh. He knew they would not search a cripple very closely. He would get Eglon alone, kill him and escape before his guards could react.

Ehud could have dwelt on his disability and doubted his value to God. He could have passed on the opportunity of taking the tribute to Eglon. Instead, he trusted God and seized the opportunity.

Two shoe salesmen were sent to Africa during the early 20th Century. One sent a telegram home that said: “Get me home. Nobody here has shoes.”

The other’s telegram said: “Send me all of the shoes you can. Nobody here has shoes.”

No matter how weak or limited we might feel, we are capable of great things for God. What brings victory in our lives, allows us to serve and be used by God, is neither our own strength nor our list of credentials. It is our faith in God through Christ.

You can be a spiritual champion like Ehud if you are ready to act when God presents an opportunity, even if you have to act alone. Someone has to be first.

You have to be courageous. Ehud was willing to do a scary thing. God's will can take us out of our comfort zone and turn our weakness into strength.

You have to be a leader: Victory was not complete until Ehud got others involved. He rallied his countrymen and completed the defeat of the Moabites.

Be a spiritual champion in your generation.

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