Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Honoring the Legacy of Past Sacrifices

Guest blog Steve Grinnell

Baptist Temple Church has given me so much. Our Baptist Temple ancestors gave wholeheartedly to build this church on this corner so we (who were not even born) could study God’s Word and hear His voice of truth. For the past 100 years, members of this church family have faithfully given to make sure that future generations have a beautiful place to worship and a functional place to do ministry and bring others to a saving knowledge of Christ.

Linda and I joined Baptist Temple in January of 1982; I actually joined the choir before we joined the church. It wasn’t long before we were teaching children’s Sunday school, helping with VBS, and going on mission trips. I’ve learned much from this church family:

When life seemed like giant waves were about to crash down on me, Jerry Beauchamp taught me that God will carry me through. When I was saddled with a responsibility that I knew I didn’t have time or expertise to accomplish, Bill McCoy and Elton Dudley just showed up, quietly guided me through, and taught me to not give up. When I faced opposition that made me feel like I was battling a giant with only a handful of rocks, Woody Woodall said “stand your ground and fight fair.” Boyd White taught me to pray, and when I was finished, to pray some more. Max Brunnemann taught me to stay faithful and pay attention to the preacher because he is the man God has sent to lead us.

The former plant superintendent, Jim Fancher, guided me through this entire campus and gave instructions on maintaining the systems to peak efficiency so that people can study God’s Word and worship Him without the distraction of something that is broken. I learned to show up on work days to honor God. I am putting into practice the things I have learned here at Baptist Temple, and I continually praise God for the people of faith who taught me to listen for God’s voice.

I have been taught to tithe and to give beyond my tithe so that God’s voice can be heard into the next century. So I want to give wholeheartedly of my time, talent and treasure to the Lord. I want to be Heartstrong for CHRIST. That is the theme of our new stewardship campaign. I believe in this stewardship enrichment campaign and am fully committed to it. Linda and I have been praying about how we can honor God with our gifts, and I’ve been praying every day for all of you, by name.

When we hear God’s voice and follow in faith those crashing waves of doubt become ripples in a pond. When we follow his leading, that handful of rocks are perfect for slaying the giants that attack us and keep telling us that we can’t do this. When we follow God faithfully our consistent gifts honor Him and become more than enough to accomplish His will.

For such a time as this God has called us to be strong and do His work. We are instructed to not be discouraged or afraid for God is with us. The Bible also tells us to obey Him and to pass on our inheritance to our descendants forever.

These buildings are a part of our inheritance, built on a solid foundation, and we need to keep them up and not allow them to crumble. It is my heart’s desire to step out in faith and give beyond our tithe so that this church will continue to be a lighthouse in the community – leading people to Christ well into the future.

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