Wednesday, October 30, 2013

We Are Not Alone

Guest blog by Julia Karmina Lozano,
wife of Pastor Raul Lozano, Mision Bautista Betel

It was the end of July in 1996. I was divorced and was left with my 2 year old, Blake. I worked as a secretary at the Health Science Center earning about $13,000 a year. I was deep in debt and after making those payments and my car payment I was left with $10.00 for the month. I lived with my parents and even though they supported me emotionally they had little to offer financially. I was broke!

I fell to my knees one night after putting Blake to sleep and surrendered to my Lord, confessing my sin & disobedience. I gave him my life again that night and I gave him my burden. I asked him to be real in my life, especially in my finances, so I began to tithe again and one of the biggest miracles in my life occurred that changed the course of my life. Within two weeks I had a job interview where I got hired as a bilingual teacher on the spot, without my certification. The job payed me more than double of what I was making. Within the month I relocated and moved into my own apartment and was once again independent. Within a year I had gotten my certification and was making three times more than a secretary. Within two years I had paid all the credit card debt.

I reconnected with Him and found shelter in a small church family where I found the spiritual support I so desperately needed. I could see God’s hand in all this. I learned that the pay check was not mine. It is all his and what I give to him is in recognition of his faithfulness. Since then I haven’t been hesitant to give what he puts in my heart to do so. I am also blessed to be married to a man driven by God who doesn’t question God about giving.

I believe God still speaks to his people. We need to be alert and listen for his voice. He will guide us. I am excited to see how He will continue to guide this church to minister to people, as I too was ministered long ago. I support this campaign not only because we can unite as one and work towards a goal but also because when we are obedient to God he always gives us the desires of our hearts and then some.

Raul and I are praying to know God’s will for our lives, our family and Betel. We will make a greater effort and personal sacrifice to accomplish God’s vision for our church and we are trusting whole heartedly in God’s provision.

We have not and will not be alone. He is real & He will provide. Trust Him!!!

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