Friday, September 06, 2019

Servant Spotlight: Cleta Foster

Guest blog by Melissa Baxter

A child of non-church going parents, Cleta Foster began walking to church at about ten years old, where she enjoyed GA’s and Vacation Bible School.

While in college, Cleta was part of the the Baptist Student Union. She committed her life to Jesus Christ during a Freddy Gage revival at 22 and was baptized at Lamar Baptist Church in Wichita Falls.

Cleta moved to San Antonio in 1961 with her husband, Marvin. Baptist Temple was the first (and last) church theyt visited. Cleta attended Blu Kingston’s Sunday School as well as Sunday evening discipleship classes, then known as Training Union. In her younger years, she played on Baptist Temple’s 1973 championship women's softball team.

For over 30 years Cleta was a public school teacher. She taught one year in Oklahoma, fifteen years in the San Antonio Independent School District and fifteen years in the East Central Independent School District.

Through the years, Cleta has served on many Baptist Temple committees, including two pastor search committees, personnel and social/hospitality. She was the first woman to be elected trustee. She taught children's Sunday school for many years. Currently she lends a hand where needed and still serves on committees.

Cleta is a widow with two grown children, Krisie (married to Bennet) and Kevin (married to Christy), five grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

1973 softball champions, Cleta Foster front row, center.

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