Tuesday, March 17, 2020


Archangel Michael slays Satan
For God has not given us a spirit of fear,
but of power and of love 
and of a sound mind. 
2 Timothy 1:7 

We face a serious crisis. This is a time for the church to step up to take the lead in caring and fighting fear. We are either an important part of society or we are irrelevant.

Last week, many churches canceled public worship. Some moved to a video model. Yet, people still crowded into restaurants, bars, stores and theaters.

This week, many more churches are canceling events and public worship indefinitely. We have been told that this emergency will last until August. The CDC recommended bans on all groups over ten. San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg has declared a state of emergency and prohibits gatherings over 50. Churches are exempt from this prohibition; as are restaurants, stores, the airport, hospitals, shelters and the jail. These are considered necessary gatherings.

There are some churches who don't consider public worship necessary in this emergency. Baptist Temple is not one of them. I received a call last week from a friend who attended a megachurch that had opted for online worship only. He is not comfortable with that and asked if we were having public worship. We were. He came with his family. He is in an at-risk category but he was going to worship somewhere.

We decided to close our early learning center out an “abundance of caution.” It was a mistake. I received an email from a colleague the day we closed asking about open child-care centers. There was a looming crisis in our hospitals due to the absence of essential staff who had to stay home to care for their children. We decided to reopen after a few days of training, cleaning and new protocols. We are accepting new children and will be at full capacity. Our early learning center decided to step up and serve in this time of need.

Baptist Temple will step up and serve in this time of need. We will gather together for worship this Sunday as will many other churches. If you are sick, please stay home. If you are at risk do as you feel appropriate. You will not be judged either way. Invite people without a place of worship. They can visit with us until their churches reopen.

We will be serving a free community meal on Wednesday nights at five. The thrift store and food pantry will remain open. There will be ceramics on Monday. Sunday School will also continue.

Baptist Temple has weathered the Spanish Flu and the Great Depression. We laid the cornerstone of our sanctuary days after the attack on Pearl Harbor. God put us here for a time like this. 

No evil shall befall you,
Nor shall any plague come near your dwelling. 
Psalm 91:10


Evangelist Bill Loucks said...

Pastor Jorge, God will protect and bless Baptest Temple for this! What a time for evangelism and teaching faith, love and charity! God has removed the false gods of gambling, sports, etc. Idols are gone. Competition is as weak as it will ever be! People are fearful and looking for help, and that help is God! He has prepared us for such a time! Go forth powerfully with Gods Word!

Diana said...

Bro. Jorge, Ever since the news started reporting on the Coronavirus, I had many bible verses and songs come to mind. All that I have learned in bible study and worship has kept me grounded in my faith. If we lose faith in difficult times, how different are we from unbelievers? We can be cautious, but not be so fearful. I feel that people are putting their trust in themselves and others, and our trust in God is being swept under a rug. People have needs in good and bad times. Who will help those in need if everyone runs and hides. I thank God that we serve a Mighty God.

Simara said...

Beautiful and inspiring, as always! God bless!

Jorge Zayasbazan said...

thanks for the kind words and support,