Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Servant Spotlight: Jessica French-Scheffield

Personable, perky and passionate about teaching; “I knew I wanted to be teacher since the fourth grade,” said Jessica French-Scheffield who was recently hired as the Baptist Temple Early Learning Center's Curriculum Coordinator. She wants to teach young children the tools they will need to succeed in school and society.

She discovered her love for teaching when she helped a fellow fourth grader correctly pronounce “photosynthesis.” It gave her a sense of accomplishment she still feels when helping someone learn.

She was impressed by Baptist Temple's impact on the community, particularly the inclusive playground, and is eager to be a part of our family of organizations that are bringing needed services to an under-resourced area. Our impact will be magnified as she helps us achieve Texas Rising Star (TSR) certification. A TSR school goes beyond minimum standards to provide a higher quality of teaching that goes well beyond babysitting. There are only two such early learning centers in our zip code.

Her first challenges are to be fully staffed with teachers trained in lesson planning and to make make lesson planning resources readily available. She, also, want to digitize the office and reduce the amount of paper that needs to be tracked.

Jessica graduated from Texas State and seeks to excel at everything she undertakes, which led to her earning a black belt in the Korean martial art form, Kuk Sool Won. She is equal parts computer savvy, success driven and people person; a combination that will lead us to better meeting the needs of our community.

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